Hannah Framework

Hannah Framework

Build or upgrade your system like never before

Reusable code

Easily add new features without having to start from scratch.

Rapid deployment

Instead of beginning from scratch, use the enormous ecosystem of tools to get what you need.

Cutting-edge Structure

Thanks to our custom cutting-edge structure, we have a fast loading speed.


Hannah provides the implementation that ensures a web application's long-term viability.


Hannah Framework is a powerful PHP framework developed by Intercx, built to enhance resource efficiency, and able to serve high amounts of requests. For instance, it is suitable for building business tools, financial systems, CRM, CMS, and more. Above all, the overall loading speed will be reduced up to 200% and has been proven that Hannah is faster than Laravel!

hannah framework


Hannah framework can be used to build any kind of application you want. Achieve high speeds and scalabilities. In other words, fast and easy development of any custom application become a standard.


Thanks to our class loading and advanced caching methods, response time has been massively enhanced. For instance, the web applications will serve on extreme high speeds. Above all, slow loading issues are history.


Thanks to the built-in security, Hannah framework has maximum intrusion preventions with a secure input method that prevent malicious users to access your data. In addition, a whitelist or blacklist option can be added.

Built for everything

The scalability of Hannah Framework eases the way to develop any kind of application in no time and is suitable for regular websites or advanced applications without any speed issues. As a result, it can be used for the most important part of a business.

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Hannah ERP


Sensitive data must be secured against unauthorized access, and we thought about this clearly. To secure data such as notations and personal data, we built the option to encrypt sensitive information in the database. As a result, it prevents any unauthorized personnel to view sensitive data.

Let's see if Hannah is the best solution for you?