Web Application Development basics

Need a website? Or an advanced and sophisticated management system? Intercx build your web application with the latest technologies to build scalable platforms.

Custom web application

At the beginning of 2015, we started to develop a web application that became a centralized management system for customer management, support tickets, payment systems and internal system controller. All these tasks in one web application. Back in that time, we knew that not a single platform would ever be able to meet all our requirements.
In other words, most businesses require a customized platform to manage their systems. Because using an out-of-the-box tool always requires dozens of changes. We, however, created one single tool that can access the whole business securely and saved a lot of time. Although it is possible to use an out-of-the-box tool, but this is mostly what we all want to avoid. Browsing through all your tools and having many tabs open in your web browser may reduce efficiency during a task or even confuses an employee because it is just too much.


An old fashion way to build a web application is building it from scratch. PHP codes within each file and page. It is the fastest way to fast build a web application. However, a web application tend to grow over time because users require more and more out of it. The bigger this tiny scratch code get, the more instable it will be. This Instability can reach a maximum until it become almost impossible to develop it. By using a framework, we are able to build a web application without losing a lot of time because a framework re-uses existing codes. You may compare a framework as Lego blocks. Instead of re-produce every single block, we keep reusing each Lego block. It is, as we believe, the most efficient way to build a small to sophisticated web application.

Hannah framework

Thanks to our experiences with web applications, we became passionate in building a custom website. We believe that all businesses should have their own magic tool. We can help you with that. To make this happen, we use PHP programming language to build an entire application with our own framework, “Hannah“. Thanks to Hannah, the possibilities to build a web application are endless due to its scalability and fully customizable and re-useable codes.


There are, however, more frameworks out there that are capable to reach an endless customization. Take a look at Laravel. Laravel is an open source web application framework which works amazingly to build almost everything. Due to its scalability, we can also reach and endless customizations by using Laravel.

WordPress for custom website

Another framework is WordPress. Although due to its core limitations we recommend building a fully customized web application. We use WordPress mostly to build regular websites, web shops or information websites.

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